Jewish Bundist Diaspora Movement

Jewish NOT Zionist  Socialism NOT Communism Bundism is Jewish National Liberation  Zionism is the enemy of the Jewish Nation  The Jewish Nation is NOT based on race or ethnicity  The Jewish Nation is based on Culture and Religion


About Us

The Bundist Movement is for the auto/self-determination of the Jewish Nation. Where Zionist-Israel has been installed we call for the peaceful resolution of the conflict produced by the Zionist movement by means of the National-Cultural Autonomy of each Nation in a federation of Peoples.  

#1 'Culture' is the set of social norms found in human societies.
#2 'Ethnicity' is the continuity of a people rooted in the heritage of family, clan, or tribe.
#3 'Religion' is the orientation of ethics, traditional dogmas, and/or faith
The norms of religiosity can fringe between theological, mystical and/or rationalism.
Religiosity can differ radically, for example Christianity is more centered in Salvation yet Islam is more centered in Submission.